Luis Cepeda Fernández, (Ourense, August 26th, 1989), also know as, Cepeda, is a Spanish musician, singer and songwriter. He was first discovered as a contestant of “La Voz” (Spanish version of “The Voice”) (2015, TeleCinco) and “Operación Triunfo 2017” (2017-18, La 1), both TV talent shows.

Although he has a Degree on Industrial Design,  his real passion since he was a kid is music. He tried to balance his college degree with his work on several NGOs, putting aside music as a hobby.

His music influeces are Spanish singers as Antonio Orozco, India Martínez or Pablo Alboran, although he is a real fan of English-speaking punk bands and songwriters as John Vesely (Secondhand Serenade) or Linkin Park.

As a songwriter, he never thinks about a specific music genre and follows the feeling of the things he wants to tell. Anyway, if he have to choose his own music genre, his songs can be labeled as melodic pop in Spanish with an evolution to a more pop-rock sound . Although he wrote songs in English, he is focused on Spanish songs as is the best way of telling the stories he wants to share.

Cepeda started his career as a public recognized musician uploading covers from other singers to his YouTube personal channel. One of these covers went viral and encouranged him to try to enter on the Spanish version of “The Voice” talent show. It was the first time he went through a casting process.

His way through The Voice was short but he continued with his covers from pop and soul artists. He even publish his first original song on YouTube, written by him, “Mi Musa” (My Muse), a song that she later released on his first commercial album, “Principios“.

In 2017, as he continued his studies, his work in a NGO and his incursions on the music scene as a hobby, he decided to check on a new casting process. It was the the revival of “Operación Triunfo” (Operation Triumph), a very popular Spanish talent show that went into black some years ago due to the loss of viewers.

He didn’t know very much about the talent show as he grew up on a home without television. He only knew that the show combined a regular talent show (weekly shows with contestant eliminations) with a reality show (a 24 hours channel about the high performance music Academy where all contestans have to live in isolation from the outside world until their elimination from the contest).

After a casting process for about 10.000 candidates, Cepeda was one of the 18 final candidates. At a special show, he became one of the 16 contestants of  “Operación Triunfo 2017“. He finished ninth on the show after more than 2 months into the Academy but he became quickly one of the most recognizable faces of his edition.

Since then, Cepeda has became one of the new emerging Spanish singer-sonwriters, with a large fanbase on social media. As of 2021, he has released 2 studio albums (and re-released de first one) and he is working on the third album of his career, expected for 2022.

Awards and recognitions

  • Cadena Dial Awards 2019 [Winner]
  • Solo Male Artist wit Better Projection, “Premios Favoritos” Sevilla Magazine [Winner]
  • Ticket of the Year 2019 by Ticketmaster España: Best Spanish Act 2019 & Spanish Artist Most Expected 2020 [Winner]
  • Gold and Platinum Record for “Esta Vez”
  • Gold & Platinum record for “Principios” (adding sales from “Nuestros Principios”)
  • Gold record for “Gentleman”
  • Cadena Dial Awards 2021 [Winner]



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