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  • Esta vez (This time, 2018)
  • Llegas Tú (And then you came, 2018, promo single)
  • Por ti estaré (I’ll be there for you, 2018)
  • No creo en nada – María Parrado & Cepeda (I don’t believe in anything, 2019)
  • Mi Reino (My Kingdom, 2019)
  • Vuela (Fly, 2019)
  • Culpable o no – Ana Guerra & Cepeda (Guilty or not, 2019)
  • Gentleman (2020)
  • Tal como eres – David Otero & Cepeda (As you are, 2020)
  • Bipolar – Pol 3.14 & Cepeda (2020)
  • Si tú existieras (If you were real, 2020)
  • Da media vuelta (Turn around, 2020, promo single)
  • Con los pies en el suelo (2020, launch single)
  • No hablan más de ti – Julia Medina & Cepeda (They don’t talk about you anymore, 2020)
  • La misma dirección – Roi Méndez & Cepeda (The same direction, 2021)
  • La Fortuna (The Fortune, 2021)
  • Yo te entiendo – Ramón Aragall ft. Cepeda (I undestand you, 2021)
  • Joder, cómo te echo de menos – Diego Cartón ft. Cepeda (Fuck, how much I miss you, 2021)
  • Demasiado tarde – Despistaos & Cepeda (Too late, 2021)
  • Otro día más (Another day more, 2022)
  • Qué Bonito – Cepeda & Pepe Bernabé (How beautiful, 2022)



Colabs and feats

The firs collab was with María Parrado on the song “No Creo en Nada” (I Don’t Believe In Anything), a power ballad included originally on Parrado’s album “Alas”.

The re-release of “Principios”, “Nuestros Principios” includes two songs featuring artists who Cepeda admires: India Martínez (Más Que Nada, More Than Anything) and Antonio José (La Canción Al Revés, The Reverse Song).

Lately, Cepeda was featured on a song by his friend (and OT 2017 contestant) Ana Guerra, “Culpable O No” (Guilty or not), as a song linked to their shared tour, the imaginBank Tour.

In 2020, Cepeda joined David Otero on a new version of the song “Tal como Eres” (As you are), a classic fron the Spanish pop-rock band “El Canto Del Loco” (where Otero started his music career).

Also in 2020, Cepeda joined Pol 3.14 on a new version of another Spanish pop-rock classic, the song “Bipolar”.

In his album “Con los pies en el suelo” there are two featuring songs: “2007”, with David Otero; and “Salí a buscarte” (I went out looking for you) with diego Cantero – Funambulista.

Cepeda… in English!

Do you wanna listen Cepeda’s songs in English? No problem, although his career is centered around Spanish pop and pop-rock songs, as an amateur musician and inside Operación Triunfo TV show he sang some tunes in English. He also has covered some English song in his social media in recent years.

Amateur covers

Below you can find a selection of covers tha Cepeda uploaded to his YouTube persona channel and that you can already find on his official artist channel on the platform.

La Voz

Cepeda’s participation on Spanish version of “The Voice” was short, but we can enjoy at least one song from his stint on the show, the song “Wake Me Up” (along showmate Joaquín Garli)

Operación Triunfo

During his participation in Operación Triunfo, Cepeda sang the English solo songs “Dancing On My Own”, from Callum Scott, and “Say You Won’t Let Go” from James Arthur. Both songs appered on the setlist of his first tour.

“Pro” covers

After OT 2017 and the launching of his own album, Cepeda continued sharing some convers of his favourite songs in his social media accounts.