Con los Pies en el Suelo [Keeping both feet on the ground] (2020)

«Con Los Pies En El suelo» (CLPEES), translated as “Keeping both feet on the ground” is the name of Cepeda’s second album, not yet published. It is his second album after «Principios» and re-released version, «Nuestros Principios«.

We have very little information about the new release:

  • We will find a 12 songs
  • New topics and sounds: Cepeda will go back to a more 2000’s pop-rock sound, even with some urban sound touches… but without losing more calm down songs. He will tell stories about social subjects such as bullying and violence. There will be love songs, but with a different approach than on the first album.
  • Gentleman” is the first single
  • Before launching, it is scheduled the publishing of two more songs
  • There will be two featuring songs: 2007,with David Otero, and “Salí a buscarte” (I went out looking for you)
  • The name of the album is the same as the name of one of its tracks, but both names have different interpretations: the album has that name to let de audience know that, after some years in the music industry, Cepeda is the same man, with the same values.
  • Sadly, there are no song in English but Cepeda told some reporters that he wants to include songs in English in the next album.


We alredy know the name of all the tracks os the album, published by Cepeda himself on his social media.

  1. Gentleman
  2. Con los pies en el suelo (Keeping both feet on the ground)
  3. Pegadita (Keeping closer, maybe?)
  4. Da media vuelta (Turn around)
  5. Antípoda (Antipodal)
  6. Desayuno con diamantes (Breakfast with diamonds)
  7. 2007 (ft. David Otero)
  8. La novia de Rubén (Ruben’s Girlfriend)
  9. Sirenas (Sirens or Mermaids, we have to wait to know…)
  10. Si tú existieras (If you exist)
  11. Salí a buscarte (ft. Funambulista, I went out looking for you)
  12. Acordes Menores (Minor Chords)

Release date is expected around September 2020, but it can change due to Covid-19 Health Crisis.

“Con Los Pies En el Suelo” Tour

The second alum was composed keeping in mind the sound of the song to perfom live. So, around launching date, a concert tour announce is expected. This new tour will start arond autum 2020.

We already have 2 dates of the rour, the rescheduled concert at Argentina (they were postponed because of Covid-19): October 10th, 2020 at The Roxy and October 11th at La Trastienda, both in Buenos Aires.

What we know abot the tour now is….

  • New sound, new locations: tour concert will be located both on theaters, like the first tour, and concert halls/stages/clubs, a more open location to let people enjoy more vivid music
  • Barcelona concert is expected at Razzmatazz Club